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20 Genius And Fantastic Stuff for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults

20 Genius And Fantastic Stuff for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults

20 Genius And Fantastic Stuff for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults

Illuminated balls

With these balls, children won’t be scared of the dark when they’re lying in bed or if they have to go to the bathroom at night.

A smart changing pad

This little mattress can work out your baby’s weight and height, his food schedule, and his daily routine. You can check all these things using your smartphone.

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 A super compact stroller

At first glance, this seems like any other stroller. But you can actually fold it up into such a compact little bundle that it will fit in your backpack. It weighs just four kilograms and has already set a world record for being the most compact stroller ever made.

A translator for your child’s cries

The Infant Cries Translator can offer four possible answers as to why your newborn baby is crying and it gets the answer right with an accuracy rate of 90% including from hunger, from pain, from tiredness, or because he/she needs their diaper changed. With time, it becomes less accurate, but even at four months old it still has an accuracy rate of 75%. When developing the app, its creators analyzed 200,000 recordings of newborn babies crying.

A self-heating bottle

A safety bracelet

 You can connect anyone you trust to the system:

A lost child is every parent’s nightmare. But this eventuality no longer appears so frightening now that a safety bracelet has been developed. Similar to a wristwatch and connected to a smartphone app, it can determine the location of your child. If your child moves beyond the app’s tracking radius, a warning signal is sent.

A thermometer sticker

This thermometer sticker allows you to check your child’s temperature when they get sick without having to disturb their sleep or force them to sit still. It sticks right on the skin and measures temperature with great accuracy. If the child’s temperature increases, parents will be warned through the accompanying smartphone app, which also saves all the changes in temperature that take place.

A smart toothbrush

This toothbrush can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It visualizes every movement made with it in 3D. Every time your child makes the right move, they earn points and even prizes, thereby turning brushing their teeth into a fun game.

A bed for new parents


Fun plates


The feeding bottle that is also a spoon

This device is a hybrid of a spoon and a feeding bottle, which can be very convenient for use when you’re either traveling somewhere or out for a walk. If your child doesn’t eat everything, all you have to do is seal the lid and you can save what’s left until next time.

A fun feeding set

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A fun container for toys

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