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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Painting Colors & Finishes

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Painting Colors & Finishes

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Painting Colors & Finishes

Choosing the Best Option for You House From Different Types of Paint and Finishes. The latest painting come in variety of color options, and it also come in various finishes. Some of the painting are easier to clean and display more sheen than others.

Usually not recommended in areas of the house that are used more frequently. The finish you choose should be based on the amount of coverage you need, how easy it is to maintain and how much shine that is displayed.

How do I choose a paint color?

We’ve covered the main questions about paint and its functions, but color is the ultimate decision when considering paint.

Here is a really great tip and reminder: 

Paint can be painted over. If you choose a color you think will be perfect, and once it’s applied, you hate it, well paint over it! Paint is relatively inexpensive, one of your least costly decorating items per square foot, and you don’t have to live with it if you don’t like it.
But there are a couple of ways to be very sure the color you have picked is the right one:

1 Most paint companies make tester pots of their various paint colors, so buy one of those (they cost 2 to $5 generally) and paint a very obvious place, like the wall directly across from you as you enter the room.

2 Some paint companies make huge paint chips (around 2 x 2) so you can tape one of those to your wall and see how it looks.

3. Some paint companies have a website feature that allows you to either use one of their standard room photographs (choose one that looks most like your room) or to even insert an actual digital photo of your room, and then paint it virtually, trying out any color the company makes.

A great tip for choosing a paint color: once you’ve made your choice, apply a patch at least 2 x 2 on your wall and leave it there for 1 day.

 See how it looks as the light changes from morning to afternoon, and then into the electric light of the evening. If it passes the light condition test, it’s a good one to buy.

Color choice is a very personal thing, but most people who venture into the land of bravery  such as bright reds, dark purples, oranges or bright greens  live to regret their decision. For example, while pink tones are believed to enhance the look of the complexion, they are also among the hardest colors to paint over and tend to be trendy. 

 How to Pick the Right Wall Paint?

We can advise on several possible options and then help to narrow that down to the ideal shade for you, taking into account important factors like room usage, light, and contrast to ensure harmony and balance.

What is best paint color for living room?

Which is best paint for walls?

We take everything in the room into account when advising you on a selection of possible paint colors, including:

  • The stain or paint on any built-in cabinets (unless you plan to restrain or repaint those)
  • The tone and color of the stain on any pieces of wood furniture
  • The various colors in any piece of patterned cloth
  • The amount of natural and electric light
  • The compass direction that the main window faces
  • The color you really like.

What is best paint for interior walls?

The Latest Wall Painting Colors Ideas & Designs. What is the best paint finish for bedroom walls?

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