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7 Best Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas You Can Easily Copy

7 Best Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas You Can Easily Copy

Toned Down Yellows 

Many homeowners and designers agree that light yellow is a winning color in the kitchen.
It is friendly enough not to raise any eyebrows, yet distinctive enough that it will complement most types of kitchen cabinet wood species.
Like whites, the yellows reflect maximum ambient light a plus if you have a gloomy townhouse or row house yet without the hospital-sterile feeling that white convey.

Wine Red

Go glam with a high-gloss deep red reminiscent of wine. The robust, full color adds so much depth and glamour. Proof? This kitchen by Nick Olsen, where geometric tiles pump things up to the next level.

Warm Neutrals
With enough shade or tint, any color can become a neutral; it is just a matter of which type of neutral you want. If you are nervous about getting your kitchen paint color wrong, it is hard to go wrong with mid-range neutrals.

While neutrals are usually equated with "boring," but they do not have to be. With the addition of red, yellow, or orange, neutrals can be warmed up. With green, blue, or violet, they can be cooled down.

Dark Gray

If you're color-averse but lot variation, play with a monochromatic, moody palette. This kitchen designed by Leanne Ford is full of gray tones, from dark to light, matte to glossy.
Source: housebeautiful

Natural Whites

Okay, so the all-white trend isn't ready to leave just yet. But it's certainly getting a sophisticated upgrade with various warm, brown-gray tints, according to Wadden. "I'm obsessed with mushroom neutrals, bone colors, and oatmeal whites," she tells us. "They're creamy, but not stark and will be key as we move forward to replace all-white kitchens." In other words, the future may not exactly be looking bright, but honestly-we're not complaining.
Source: marthastewart

Rich Browns

Brown is considered earthy and evocative of the very place where your food comes from the earth, the farm. For those who are neutral-averse, brown almost becomes the New
Source: thespruce


Blue is another color that works well in kitchens. When lighter shades of blue are used, they can create a crisp, clean look and are recommended for walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling. Blue is an invigorating color and works best when used sparingly; otherwise it can overpower a room. Dark blues also work well in kitchens, but it's important to accent the rest of the room with hints of white, gray or other neutral tones to keep it from feeling too intense and dark.
Source: hgtv
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