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Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

 Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

The party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Discover fire pit ideas to make your outdoor space warm and inviting when the temperatures dip

backyard fire pit maximizes your outdoor time, providing a natural gathering spot after the sun sets and the temperatures drop. “Our clients request fire features more than any other element,” says Ryan Prange, the founder and principal designer of Falling Waters Landscape in Solana Beach, California. But the fire pit itself is only a starting point—you also need to design a space around it that encourages lounging and late-night conversation. Choosing the right spot is the first step: You want an “area that will feel naturally cozy,” says Prange. “The heat will bounce off walls and warm up the space even more.” From there, decide on a look that works for both your practical needs and the overall aesthetic of your space. Here are some fire pit ideas that will get everyone to hang out long after the sun goes down.

 Give Every Seat Access to the Fire

In this yard, Prange built a banquette that mimics the L-shape of the concrete fire feature so you can enjoy the flames from any angle. “Keep your seating low, even as low as 12 inches off the ground, to create a relaxed experience,” he says. The chic ceramic spheres nestled inside the fire pit don’t just add visual interest, they help radiate heat.

Put the Fire Pit at the Center of the Action

A white stucco fireplace was placed adjacent to this outdoor kitchen, giving the backyard the easy flow you typically experience in a home. “The orientation of the built-in seating turns you back toward the house, pool, and outdoor kitchen, which activates the space and internalizes the view,” says Prange. Setting off the area with gravel gives it the feel of a room, while a combination of built-in seating and Acapulco chairs creates flexibility

 Make It Comfortable

The fire may be cozy, but your guest will be more likely to stick around for a second round of s'mores if the seating is just as inviting. At Patrick Dempsey’s home in Malibu, California, the chairs and banquette in the fire pit area are piled with comfy cushions. 

Where should I put a fire pit in my backyard?

Fire pits should be placed at a minimum of ten feet away from your house and also neighbours yards. In addition to placing the fire pit a safe distance away from your home, it should also be in a place where there are no overhanging branches, fences or other structures that could easily catch fire.

How big should a fire pit  area be?

7 feet

A good rule of thumb is to provide at least 7 feet of space around all outer edges of a fire pit. This will allow for plenty of room for furniture and traffic space. Remember that it is always better to have too much space as opposed to too little, so err on the side of caution.


  Pros and Cons: Fire pits and Fireplaces


·         Fire features are the trendiest element in Atlanta’s backyards. Outdoor Makeover completed over 160 fire pits and fireplaces in 2013 alone, that is a lot of happy families. Fire features are a patio’s companion even the most magnificent patios could seem incomplete without the right fire features, a lot of your home event could use the excitement too, I have been invited to many clients’ parties after the landscape installation and the after the kitchen, the fire pit was the most sought after hangout place for guests. Fire pits allow you and your family to go outside and gives you something to do. It is an inexpensive way of entertaining everyone. Many of our clients who categorize themselves as “outdoorsy people” often find out that keeping a large group of people outside takes more than a book. They need an activity to keep .   

·         Benefits of fire pits 

·         The cost is much less ($1500-$3000) depending on the model and type of stone. It seats many people who can sit around 360 degrees. It is small usually around 5 feet in diameter. It provides a seat and can be turned into a table for people to sit around it. It could be gas burning or wood burning. It provides a natural camping experience without the hassle. It is great for big family.   

·         Fire Pits Make Your Patio a Multi-Season Space. Sure, the temperature outside has dropped a little.

·         Fire Pits Add Ambiance. Like candles and bistro lights, the glow of a fire pit adds a visual warmth to your space.

·         Fire Pits Promote Cuddling.

·         Fire Pits Provide Entertainment. .

·         Fire Pits Offer a Great Cooking Tool.


·         Disadvantages of a fire pit 

·         It takes a minimum of 150 sq ft a patio so the patio must be bigger to accommodate outdoor tables. If its wood burning the smoke could potentially bother you and your clothes may smell like campfire. It does not provide the height to a landscape like a fireplace would.

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Outdoor space

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